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– Charity song for victims of Japan’s earthquake/tsunami of 2011 –
*Sales finished on 2012/10/29. All profits were donated to aid those affected by this disaster


On March 11, 2011, an earthquake of magnitude 9.0 hit Japan, creating a tsunami, and killed more than 15,000.

40 musicians (including Mike Park and Fishbone’s Angelo Moore), engineers, and cameramen volunteered to participate in creating this charity single.

This project ended on October 29, 2012, and all profits, a total of 8,233,610 yen, were donated to aid those affected by this disaster.

Donated to:
・Tohoku Livehouse Daisakusen (project to build 3 live venues for the kids in the Tohoku region of Japan)
・Ashinaga (educational and emotional support for orphans)

This would not have been possible without everyone’s support and involvement.

In memory of those affected by the disaster, we hope for this anthem, “Decision,”  to continue to aid in a positive way.

Thank you.





Keep on trying to stay positive.
Even in the face of relentless negativity.
I guess it’s always a struggle being a human being on this earth.
As small as we are. We’re so very little and we’re so very small.
Compared to what Mother Nature and Father Time and Fate have to offer us.
Or, you know, just us living within it.
You just gotta stay positive, so when the big tennis shoe of the Lord is walking across the earth,
some people get stepped on, some people get caught in the groove.
When you get caught in the groove, you don’t get stepped on, you get caught in the groove of the tennis shoe.
They get to live. But the people that don’t get caught in the groove, and they get stepped on, well…
Be thankful you got caught in the groove. It’s always good to get caught in the groove.
And it’s always good to pray for the ones that are still alive, and for the ones that don’t get caught in the groove, well…
Hopefully they’ll be going to a good place.
Because we never know what the fuck’s gonna happen, when we’re walking with God.